About Us

West Des Moines Community School District citizens of all ages have expressed their desire to be well-informed and to have easy access to the information they need. In response to that need, the WDMCS Community Education Advisory Council has developed West Depot, a website that will serve as a free community information station where people can connect with activities and services that enhance the quality of life and build community.

West Depot is a searchable database designed to be a centralized resource for residents of the greater West Des Moines area. The primary focus of West Depot is organizations and services within the WDMCS district boundaries. Organizations outside the district may be included when a comparable entity does not exist within the district. Commercial and retail interests, restaurants, stores, financial institutions, business, and industry are not included in the database at this time.

The database will provide instant keyword access to help you connect with community agencies, organizations, and programs. New information will be added and updated monthly, so information will always be accurate and current. West Depot was designed to make community information free and easy to find. We hope this database helps connect you with the West Des Moines organizations, activities, and services you are looking for.